Are You Frustrated That Your Existing Billing System Won’t Integrate With Your Accounting System, Can’t Give You Simple Reporting, And Can’t Give You The Features You Need To Grow Your Business?

Many utility districts throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states rely on Digital Minds International because we speak your language. We understand utility rate structure, red flag compliance, GIS systems, backflow management, and much more. We have experience in building and patenting a software and hardware billing solution. We have 18 years of experience working with the utility industry IT needs. Let us help you find the right vendor so you can achieve your goals.

What our customers are saying:

"DMI is prompt, thorough, current with today's technology, and most of all customer loyalty. 'DMI treats our network like it's their own, it's truly a partnership based on trust.'"

-Bobby Sullins, West Wilson Utility District

"Digital Minds has solved many problems for us. Mr. Bush’s past experience with utility software and his understanding of the process has proved to be a very valuable asset."

-Larry Chunn, Maury County Water System

"I am a firm believer in the monitoring of our complete system by an outside source such as Digital Minds. The information that our District stores is the life blood of our business, the backup and possibly the recovery of that data is also invaluable. If we were completely wiped out in a catastrophic event, our District could literally be back up and running within hours. This one element alone is worth every penny of the monthly fees. Another issue facing business today is cyber attacks. Every business could be a potential victim. These systems need to be protected and monitored, Digital Minds does an outstanding job of doing both for our District, and I would recommend these services to anyone."

-Tim Ham, Nolensville/College Grove Utility District

"In our experience of dealing with cheaper priced companies, you do not receive the level of support or the level of expertise that you receive with DMI. They are very good in responding and solving problems in mission critical issues when they arise. Also by having DMI’s experience in the utility industry, it has helped our company to make decisions on making major purchasing decisions for equipment and billing software."

-Chris Baenziger, Water and Wastewater Authority of Wilson County