Are You Frustrated Because Your In-House IT Guy Isn’t Responding Fast Enough And Doesn’t Have The Skillset To Match Your Growing Company?

If so, call us today at 615-843-5001 and we’ll show you how these problems can go away!

Why choose Digital Minds International? Bottom line: we speak your language. Our company is well versed in solutions to fit your specific needs of design file collaboration, large file sharing, and remote office file access. Allowing your firm to quickly access data and focus on billable hours is our top priority. We are experts in answering questions like:

  • How can we have multiple people working on the same document at the same time?
  • How can we share large files efficiently?
  • How do we send files to our offsite workers?
  • Is there any way to leverage the cloud with such large files?
  • Is there a way our remote field engineers can access the large files on our server?
  • Is there any way to reduce our capex?

We can answer all of those questions AND make sure that your billable hours and efficiency are maximized. No more waiting for your computer to catch up with you. Call us today at 615-843-5001.

What our customers are saying:

"I have the utmost confidence in Mike Bush and DMI to be our partner in IT.  He knows our people, their personalities, and our systems.  They are good stewards of my money and are open to numerous ways of achieving the desired outcome in a systematic approach.  In the end, they are worth the money we spend with them and I have a peace of mind about the performance of our computer systems with them as our partner.  Should you choose to use DMI, I believe you will be making a well informed and good decision."

-Jon Bechtel, COO EOA Architects

"We hired Digital Minds after this “crash” and I don’t worry about it happening again.  DMI’s  backup data recovery and 24/7 monitoring alerts us to potential problems before they turn into big problems.   When our on-site servers crashed, our previous IT firm literally had no idea what had happened, much less how to fix it.  I am confident that timely maintenance and monitoring would have prevented something like this from happening."

-Matt McCall, American Constructors