Are You Tired Of Spending Time Updating And Troubleshooting Accounting Applications Rather Than Increasing Your Billable Hours?

Many financial firms count on Digital Minds International to manage every aspect of their computer network, including keeping UltraTax CS, Creative Solutions Accounting, Practice CS, Fixed Asset CS, and Accounting CS up-to-date and running optimally. Plus, we have some creative solutions that allow you to choose your upgrade schedule, rather than being controlled by Thompson-Reuters.



"DMI Is a Lifesaver!"

"Digital Minds has been a lifesaver for my company. I did not even realize what I was missing, little alone what I needed, when it came to IT support until I hired Michael Bush (founder of Digital Minds). He did a thorough evaluation of what we had and what we really needed before making any recommendations. He suggested we work together a while before making any wholesale changes, which I really appreciated."

- Kaye Steele, President and Founder of Access Retirement Services, LLC.


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