If there is one thing that the last several years have shown everyone, it is essential to have dependable access to your firm's data from any location.

With how rapidly we've seen the world change, coupled with increasing globalization throughout most industries, it's important to always have secure and reliable access to your company's data.

Fortunately, this connectivity enables us to have the freedom to choose where we work. Most people are no longer confined to working in a single location. Work is done both at home and on the go.

Thus, communication and teamwork must be simple. Complicated communication methods are becoming extinct as the world quickly adapts to the ability to work from anywhere. This change is aided and simplified by an adaptable data storage solution.

So, how can you evaluate the myriad of available technological solutions to determine which ones are ideal for your company? Picking the perfect data storage solution for your business all comes down to asking the right questions. So, here are six critical questions to ask about your data storage solution:

1. Can you Quickly Scale Up or Down Your Storage Size Based on Projects?

In the current climate of rapid changes, organizations expect to experience radical shifts. This can result in both expansion and downsizing. Either way, the capacity of your data storage solution should scale alongside your business. Scalability is a term that comes up frequently in information technology when discussing data collection and data backup issues.

Scalability is the degree to which a system can adapt its resource allocation to changing needs by either growing or shrinking those allocations. An adaptable network can increase the number of computers or servers part of a network to accommodate an increase in the amount of work getting done.

Because the organization maintains a database that gets set up to store and maintain customer information in preparation for the provision of services, the IT system deals with large amounts of data. One will need to integrate new resources as the number of consumers increases. But, this scaling must occur without causing disruptions or significant infrastructure changes.

2. Can you Adapt to Your Clients' File Structure Wishes?

Oftentimes, clients have specific file structure demands. Whether it's the specific file type or the organization of files, meeting these client demands can help you secure new contracts. But, does your data storage solution allow you to adapt to each of your clients’ file structure wishes?

An effective data storage solution allows you to dictate its file structure. This customizability allows you to tailor fit the solutions you offer to your client's specific needs. Without customizability in your file structure for each client, you risk missing out on profitable contracts simply because your data storage solution cannot keep up.

So, always look for a data storage solution that allows you to create the file structure you or your clients need.

3. Can it Disseminate and Disperse Changes Quickly?

Updates come in handy not just in saving space but also in saving time and money.

Software updates typically include improvements to existing features. But, they can also include entirely new features or increases in software speed to give the end-user a more positive overall experience. Developers continually refine programs as they look for new methods to make them more useful to end users.

In addition, inefficient and antiquated software and computer systems can make it difficult for individuals to work for or with an organization, resulting in dissatisfaction.

The company will earn a reputation for being out of touch with current events if it continues to use technology that has become obsolete. An effective data storage solution should help you maintain a consistent release schedule by disseminating and dispersing changes quickly. This also allows you to quickly address any potential issues with the software you produce.

4. Can you Look at your Files in the Field and Add Pictures and Videos from Site Visits?

Storage is an essential component of any company's information technology infrastructure, and failure to adequately prepare for it can cause the company significant operational difficulties. A growing amount of data storage gets required by organizations for a wide variety of documents, including but not limited to email and files, sales orders and invoices, and audio and video recordings.

Data storage solutions need to be accessible whenever and wherever. The ability to look at files in the field or add pictures and videos from site visits into your data storage solution is invaluable to salespeople and field managers. It gives them the information they need, where they need it.

5. Can you Share Large Files Easily for an Audit or Collaboration?

Audits are always a stressful time. Whether it's an internal or external audit, sharing all necessary files with auditors can take a significant amount of time. But, when your data storage solution fights you on file size limits for sharing, this process becomes even more strenuous.

Additionally, collaborating with other organizations can become difficult if neither party can share necessary files due to file size restraints.

A high-quality data storage solution should make it simple for you to share files of any size.

6. Can it Prevent Your Hard Drive Space from being Eaten Up with all the Data that needs to be Stored?

The primary purpose of a data storage solution in the cloud is to prevent your hard drive space from being used up. Keeping hard drive space available makes it easier for employees to quickly access the files they need without concern over storage space constraints.

Storing large amounts of data on hard drives is also just inefficient costing more than using a data storage solution.


Proper data storage solutions help your organization operate more efficiently and reduce costs associated with data. It can also lead to higher customer satisfaction rates due to faster turnaround times on specific tasks. The six questions outlined above can help you understand whether your data storage solution provides value or ends up as a hindrance to your operations.

If your current solution can't answer yes to the above questions, give us a call today at 615-843-5001 or schedule a 10 minute discovery call to see how we can save you time and money. Let us show you a flexible, adaptive, and collaborative solution for your company.