What does running a business and being a Navy SEAL have in common? Surprisingly more than you’d think. Teamwork and being able to move quickly matters just as much on the battlefield as it does in the back office.

That was my takeaway from hearing Jocko Willink speak a few weeks ago. Jocko is a former Navy SEAL and co-founder and CEO of Echelon-Front, a Veteran owned leadership consulting firm that coaches the best of the best in the boardroom and beyond.

Jocko has turned years of combat training into his Laws of Combat philosophy on leadership. According to Jocko, here are four ways you can become a remarkable leader in your business:

1- Cover and Move. - Mitigate risks and move together 

Before you can execute, you must make sure to be in sync with your team and provide them adequate support. Jocko reminded us that no matter where you are — at home, in the office, or preparing for your next tactical assignment — teamwork and moving towards the same goal is the bedrock of success.

2 - Simple - Simplify your mission

If a plan is overly complicated, how can you expect it to be followed correctly? It’s crucial that members of a SEAL team know what to do every step of the way. In your business, you have to ensure that expectations and goals are clearly communicated, so every member of your team can understand their role.

3 - Prioritize and Execute - “Relax, look around, make a call.” 

Leaders have to be able to make fast judgement calls. But not before they’ve taken the time to identify what’s most important. In battle, a split second decision can mean life or death. In business, not recognizing your top priority can lead to lost clients, lost profits, or worse. You need to Recognize, Analyze, and React as each situation arises.

4 - Decentralize Command - Leaders can’t do everything themselves. 

No one person, or even one team, can do everything. By “decentralizing command,” successful leaders break up teams into smaller groups to create organizational structure. These teams within teams are able to accomplish their goals more efficiently, but only if they have a well communicated mission/goal to work form.

When all four elements are working together, you have a well oiled machine working towards victory. If even one element is off, that’s when costly mistakes happen.

Of course, there are times when you find you don’t have the internal capacity to accomplish your goals fully. That’s when you bring in outside help to mitigate risks, simplify communication, and execute your top priorities for you.

When it comes to your technology needs, Digital Minds International has the ability to take over as vCIO and execute on your command. Allowing us to anticipate what your company needs and to run the minutiae of the day-to-day frees you up to focus on getting the rest of your business where it needs to be.

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