Digital Minds has almost 20 years of experience in the utility industry. Prior to starting DMI, Mike helped develop a utility metering and billing software that was used in over 6 countries. One thing we love doing at DMI, is making sure that you have the right vendors to integrate into your technology infrastructure. We have helped many districts evaluate their billing software as a third party advocate for them. We want to make sure they fit your needs as well as help them properly integrate into your infrastructure.

We wanted to give you some questions to ask yourself and your current provider to help evaluate if they aren't currently meeting your needs.

  1. What are your challenges? Create a list of items you would like your current billing system to do. Also make sure you are keeping track of your requests with them. You can easily use an Excel spreadsheet or keep track in your email.
  2. Have you worked with your current provider to address the top items on your list? Make sure your complaints are documented, not just management level but also customer level complaints! Be sure to share this list with your vendor.
  3. Is your current system providing enough features updates? For example: lockbox integration, cross connection control or back flow management, GIS integration, GIS inventory management, integrated accounting system, and does your system link with third party accounting systems?

Do you need assistance with these challenges? We can help you with this review and journey. We have helped numerous districts explore their existing system and communicate their needs. We understand the utility billing language and we are here to help! Contact today! You can fill out the form to the side to contact us or call us at 615-661-7900 today!